"Alle has revolutionized the way I think about my health... I can't emphasize enough how she changed the way I think about food, nourishment and my body.

I feel more whole than I 've ever felt."

"Alle has revolutionized the way I think about my health. When I first started working with Alle, I had no idea that my unhealthy habits were taking a toll on my physical, mental and emotional health. She customized a health plan just for me to reverse the damage I had done to my digestive system and promote sustainable habits. She is a wealth of knowledge that draws from both Eastern and Western techniques, a comprehensive approach to health. Alle is patient and incredibly prompt  to respond to questions or concerns. I still use a number of products she suggested from turmeric to green powder to skincare products. I can't emphasize enough how she changed the way I think about food, nourishment and my body. I feel more whole than I 've ever felt."  


"The only way I can really describe what Alle able to give me is freedom. In one of our initial conversations she asked me about a guilty food pleasure of mine to which I replied pasta and sauce...quickly she drew up a recipe for spaghetti squash and an organic tomato sauce that literally stopped me in my tracks.


You know that smile of overwhelming happiness? That was that moment for me. As we worked together she curbed my eating habits to work for me and my own needs...


and I felt the results almost immediately. It was such a sense of freedom for me to learn that there were other ways of eating other than food chains and steak shacks and in contrast to the other methodologies I wasn't limiting my food intake or counting calories, I was simply eating what my body needed to work better. All gave me that knowledge and made my life better. 


"I found Alle when I was at one of my lowest lows. When your health is not where it should be, your whole life is affected which can leave you feeling helpless and scared.


I had been experiencing symptoms of a never-ending yeast infection that left my doctors completely stumped with no other diagnosis than giving time to heal. Anyone who has lived even a few days with one of those buggers knows that simply waiting and hoping is not enough to put your mind at ease. I know there had to be more that I could do to help rebalance my system. That's where Alle came in. 


She has an incredible knowledge base surrounding holistic nutrition, and was able to start me on a plan that would reduce any inflammation and press the reset button on my system. From the first time that we met, it was clear that she fully embodies the lifestyle and is passionate about helping people heal their bodies. Within a few days, the bloating I had been experiencing subsided, and I could tell my body was hard at work trying to heal.  I cannot thank Alle enough for the compassion she showed me during such a stressful time, and for the plan she started me on to get my body back on track." 


"At a time when I needed the best medical care and health information I could discover, little did I realize it would come from one of my own children. I went through a partial mastectomy for breast cancer, and today am cancer free. Alle, with her insight and ability supplied me with her knowledge of food, medicine, and health-enhancing nutrition that enabled maximum healing and the mind/body/soul nourishment I craved. She led me through the maze of foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins and formulated a 'food prescription' program specifically for me. As a result my overall health has improved, I have more energy, sleep more restfully and look and feel better than pre-surgery. My doctors have commented on my rapid healing and physical strength.


Alle continues to reinforce my dietary program with new information and products I might benefit from. Obviously it is with great parental pride that I write this thank you to my health counselor. It is with her guidance that I have reclaimed and renewed my good health.


I have seen her insight and knowledge with others and can confidently tell how beneficial her personal care has been for them as well. It inspires me to have Alle not just as my counselor but as my personal 'cheerleader' for a very healthy, happy life."


"After my first conversation with Alle she was able to pinpoint imbalances and the causes of my constant indigestion.  A few changes have made a huge difference in how I feel.  I appreciate that Alle takes a holistic approach to factors at play beyond food; she has helped me see how interconnected everything is.  Adding mineral supplements - something I had never thought about before - has made me feel l like I am absorbing nutrients better and getting my body what it needs.  She recognizes that everyone is on their own journey and that changes need to work for me, without any judgement and while making me feel 'normal'.  I am so appreciative of her guidance and know this is just the beginning.  Thank you!"



"It was such a joy working with Alle.  Her calming voice along with her gentle compassion for the work was refreshing. I found myself instantly releasing into a very relaxed state and felt the tension from my previously injured body fade away. I highly recommend Alle for many services but her Reiki was Top Notch! Looking forward to my next session."