My creativity and passion for all things holistic arose out of frustration and urgency - a need to find answers to my own crippling health issues that weren't being resolved by allopathic medicine. From a young age I struggled with clinical depression, poor digestion and debilitating menstrual cramps. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression and put on strong, numbing mood stabilizers and antidepressants. My cramps and hormonal issues were attributed to endometriosis and I was given the options of surgery or birth control. My digestive disturbances, chronic fatigue, poor assimilation and mood swings were never attributed to my diet. Here I was, a sensitive young girl with a long list of seemingly irresolvable illnesses and a small but waning inkling to go deeper and find another answer.

Barely able to finish my schooling to complete a visual arts major, I switched gears and was determined to complete my bachelor's degree in Holistic Studies to cure myself, focusing on food politics, food allergies, ancient modalities and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It took quite a lot of time, energy and self-experimentation to complete my degree and training, but came out the other side with a newly found hope and empowerment I never received from my medical experts.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Studies

  • Holistic Nutritionist certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioner

  • Living Light Institute - Science of Raw Food Nutrition I, II, III

  • Reiki I, II

My road to health has enlightened me to how closely food and health are linked, and amplified my belief that the further disconnected from Nature we become, the more our health is adversely affected. 

I live daily with the focus that food can either harm or fuel the body, and if given a chance, can truly heal and restore the body on a cellular level.


Knowledge, quality and purity of ingredients are of the utmost importance, and it has become my goal to share this knowledge in a beautiful and accessible way while maintaining the fact that this cuisine and knowledge can be both delicious and empowering. 

I am committed to guiding women to restore their hormones and cycles naturally and providing drugless and holistic therapies to balance the mind and emotions and find personalized dietary solutions to unresolved chronic symptoms. 


For press related inquiries and collaborations please email: info@floraexmachina.com